catalogue 2021

No Man Is an Island

by Igor Šterk

Pink Moon

by Floor van der Meulen


by Dominik Mencej

The Birdbreeder

by Robert Černelč

Antigone - How dare we!

by Jani Sever

Bitch, a Derogatory Term for a Woman

by Tijana Zinajić


by Vinko Möderndorfer

Heavens Above

by Srdjan Dragojević


by Darko Sinko

Melting Dreams

by Haidy Kancler


by Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović

Once were humans

by Goran Vojnović


by Matevž Luzar


by Marija Zidar


by Miroslav Mandić

Small Body

by Laura Samani

The Bird Atlas

by Olmo Omerzu


by Andrina Mračnikar

Fiume o morte!

by Igor Bezinović

The Body

by Petra Seliškar

The Space Among Us

by Rahela Jagrič Pirc

Through My Eyes

by Igor Vrtačnik

Wake Me

by Marko Šantić


by Slobodan Maksimović


by Maja Prelog

Gaja's world 2

by Peter Bratuša

Grandpa Goes South

by Vinci Vogue Anžlovar

It Wasn't Like She Said

by Damjan Kozole


by Boris Petkovič

The Man Without Guilt

by Ivan Gergolet

Ganja Will Set You Free

by Miha Čelar


by Igor Šterk


by Sonja Prosenc

Father Figure

by Nejc Gazvoda

The Volta Cinema

by Martin Turk

Moja Vesna

by Sara Kern

Money and Happiness

by Ana Nedeljković and Nikola Majdak Jr.

Mouse House

by Timon Leder

The Legend of Goldhorn

by Lea Vučko

Framing Sutherland

by Matjaž Jamnik and Gaja Naja Rojec

Granny’s Sexual Life

by Urška Djukić


by Martin Draksler

My Father’s Damn Camera!

by Miloš Tomić


by Lana Bregar

Penalty Shot

by Rok Biček


by Katarina Rešek


by Špela Čadež


by Anton Martin Emeršič

Trans-Celestial Railways

by Ivana Vogrinc Vidali

Behind Closed Shutters

by Miha Reja


by Áron Horváth Botka


by Larisa Nagode

Muri the Cat - The Big Game

by Jernej Žmitek

The Last Day of the Patriarchy

by Olmo Omerzu

Vesna Goodbye

by Sara Kern

Nobody told me I have to love you

by Matjaž Jamnik

How It Grows…

by Miha F. Kalan and Jernej Žmitek

film commission

We know that you know Slovenian film, and we are almost certain that you have heard of Slovenia. But did you know that this is one of the safest countries in the world, located in the heart of Europe and accessible from all over the world? All of its diverse regions with exceptionally unspoilt scenery are at your fingertips, a maximum of two hours away by car. In our country, where films have been made since 1896, you can also rely on highly qualified and experienced professionals from various fields of filmmaking and our well-known hospitality.

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