Mouse House

by Timon Leder

Mišja hiša, 2021, animated, 2D animation, hand-drawn, c, 7 min
Expected delivery: Mid 2021

A mouse called Mance gets trapped in a big cheese wheel. He is scared at first: he wants to get out and be with his brother Skinny. However, he soon realises that he is surrounded by yummy cheese, and little by little, he gets so overwhelmed by it that he forgets all about his brother. It is like winning the lottery. Nothing lasts forever, though: eventually he eats too much cheese and breaks through the crust. He sees that his brother Skinny is threatened by Cat, and he manages to save him. Now that he is no longer surrounded by cheese, Mance is overjoyed to reunite with his brother.

Timon Leder

Timon Leder (1986) is an animation director and teacher. He graduated from the Art Academy (the MEDIA programme) at La Poudriere (fr). He wrote a thesis on children’s comprehension of film language. His student film Work has been screened at more than 40 festivals, and his debut animated short Weasel (2016) was selected for over 30 festivals worldwide. He is a co-author of the first Slovenian school handbook on animation. As an animator, he co-worked on Martin Krpan (2017, Strup), certain episodes of Princ Ki-Ki-Do (in 2014 and 2018, Ozor), Twisted Tales: Cinda Real (2019, ITD), and TV series How it grows…

Henri Angremy, Timon Leder
Timon Leder
Jure Vizjak
executive producers
Maja Zupanc, Polona Kumelj
Timon Leder, Marica Kisusić, Tilen Javornik, Veronika Hozjan, Jošt Šeško
music composer
Janez Dovč
sound designer
Julij Zornik
Zavod DAGIBA, Jaka Produkcija
Slovenian Film Centre, Croatian Audiovisual Centre


Jure Vizjak