Nobody told me I have to love you

by Matjaž Jamnik

Nihče ni rekel, da te moram imeti rad, 2019, fiction, digital DCP, 1,85:1, c, 20 min

Aleksander, a man with a successful career, comes to pick up his 11-year-old son Jan to take him to a music lesson. Instead of waiting for him outside, Jan is still in the shower, grubby from playing soccer. Aleksander is in a hurry, and Jan won’t come to the lesson.

Matjaž Jamnik

Matjaž Jamnik together with Gaja Naja Rojec works under the name Dvoika - a pair of creatives that completed their studies at the AGRFT. Their thesis film Nobody told me I have to love you, was the first Slovenian film to be selected for the Cinefondation section of the Cannes IFF. They were also awarded the national Prešern Prize for Students for their work on the film. Framing Sutherland is their first independent project, which they produced and created in South Africa.

Special Mention jury prize (FeKK - mednarodni festival kratkega filma v Ljubljani, 2020)

Gaja Naja Rojec, Matjaž Jamnik
Matjaž Jamnik
Nina Robnik
director of photography
Gaja Naja Rojec
music composer
Laren Polič Zdravič
film editor
Kristian Božak Kavčič
production designer
Matjaž Pavlovec
costume designer
Ana Janc
key make-up artist
Mirjam Kavčič
sound designer
Samo Jurca
Jernej Gašperin, Lea Mihevc, Tina Vrbnjak, Tin Vulovič
UL AGRFT - Akademija za gledališče, radio, film in televizijo
RTV Slovenija, Studio 100
Slovenian Film Centre