The Birdbreeder

by Robert Černelč

Ptičar, 2021, fiction, 2,39:1/2,35:1, c
Ready to premiere

Ivo, the father of two boys who loves and trades in birds, succumbs to post-traumatic stress disorder after the death of his wife Ana, a composer. Gradually, he escapes reality and invents a fictional world, in which he prepares an unusual wake for Ana.

Robert Černelč

Robert Černelč (1970) graduated in painting from the ALUO and in film direction from the AGRFT. Since 2013, he has lectured at both of these Academies. He has been a Slovenian filmmaker since 1999 (a screenwriter, editor, production designer, and director of fiction short films, including Abaddon, 1999; Worms, 2004; The Bottom, 2014). The Birdbreeder is his first feature.

Robert Černelč
Robert Černelč
Miha Černec
Leon Krpič
director of photography
Boj Nuvak
music composer
Tina Mauko
film editor
Miloš Kalusek
production designer
Robert Černelč
costume designer
Nadja Gnamuš
key make-up artist
Lidija Zver
sound designer
Julij Zornik
Maruša Majer, Dejan Berden, Pavle Ravnohrib, Lara Simona Taufer, Tina Mauko, Žan Pirman, Matej Gnamuš Černelč
Tramal Films
Super 16
Slovenian Film Centre