The Body

by Petra Seliškar

Telo, documentary, c
Expected delivery: konec 2021

In this story of denial and acceptance, a poetic and intimate journey of one women’s endeavour to understand her body’s needs is portrayed. She – a piano student with a career of a fashion model – gives birth to a daughter. In the summer of 2004, they visit her friends in Macedonia during a month-long trip through the remote parts of Macedonian nature. After the trip, her immune system collapses for the first time. If she wants to help her body survive, she needs to understand her emotions. We witness a woman excavating the interior world of her body and feelings, universal to all of us. During her unique fifteen-year journey of loss, survival, rebirth, and renewal from her mid-twenties to her forties, she becomes a survivor, a beautiful woman, and a person who acknowledges life’s challenges. Her honest and witty approach encourages us to rethink our dialogue with ourselves. The Body inspires us to reflect on what is happening within our own bodies: while we might be in perfect control of our minds, our bodies might take surprising turns towards the unknown.

Petra Seliškar

Director, writer, and producer Petra Seliškar (1978) founded her own production house in 2003, focusing on documentaries. With her rich experience and talent, she has flourished as a filmmaker with profound insight, sensibility, strong narrative force, and an innovative approach. Seliškar’s filmography includes the following documentaries – My World Is Upside Down (2015), Mother Europe (2013), This Is Where I Live (2011).

Petra Seliškar
Petra Seliškar
Petra Seliškar, Brand Ferro
Sara Ferro, Biljana Tutorov
director of photography
Brand Ferro
music composer
Robert Neil Fisher
film editors
Vladimir Gojun, Sandra Bastašić
sound designers
Vera Galešev, Vladimir Rakić
Urška Ristić, Zoja Ristić, Mitko Filev, Alojz Ihan
Petra Pan Film
Wake Up Films, PPFP
Slovenian Film Centre, North Macedonia Film Agency, IDA, EACE – Media Development, Eurimages, Région Sud - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Creative Europe - MEDIA


Petra Seliškar