Block 5

by Klemen Dvornik

Blok 5, 2024, fiction


When twelve-year-old Mia realises that the playground near her new block will be turned into a parking lot, she teams up with local skateboarders led by Rudi in order to save it from destruction. Things get even more complicated when Mia realises that her father is the chief engineer. While preparing the rebellion and fighting against the adults, Mia has to find her voice within the group, while Alma, a fierce tomboy and Rudi’s best friend, doesn’t make it easy for her.

Dora Šustić
Klemen Dvornik
Barbara Daljavec, Branislav Srdić
Peter Badač, Dimče Stojanovski
director of photography
David Hoffman
film editor
Ivana Fumić
Marko Mandić
A Atalanta
BFilm, Living Pictures
Slovenian Film Centre, Czech Film Fund, Film Center Serbia

A Atalanta
Branislav Srdić

Klemen Dvornik

As a film director, Klemen Dvornik (1977) works in the broad field of AV production, getting involved in everything from advertisements and music videos to events, TV and film. To date he has directed 5 short films, 5 TV series and 2 feature films. His latest work is the TV series The Lake, which premiered at Sarajevo FF 2019. In addition to directing, he is also an active member of the Directors’ Guild of Slovenia and was the chairman of the executive committee of FERA. He is also a father of two sons.

A Atalanta is an independent film and television production company based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Its owner and CEO is an international producer Branislav Srdić, who has more than 50 years of experience in the industry. He has worked on internationally successful and multi-award-winning films, such as: King Peter the First (2018), Distant Trumpet (2005), Falling to Paradise (2004), Dust (2000), Welcome to Sarajevo (1996), Around the World in 80 Days (1988), I Promessi Sposi (The Betrothed) (1988), Mama Lucia (Fortune of Pilgrim) (1987), Cross of Iron (1977). Thanks to the company’s well-established presence and its own equipment rental house, it is in a position to deliver quick and quality full co-production services throughout the whole Balkan region.