by Srđan Vuletić

Gym, fiction, co-production
In progress


Riki is not too sympathetic towards his sister’s boyfriend Ado. Nevertheless, Riki puts up with Ado as they are soon to be brothers-in-law. They also work together in a declining catering company. After their boss sets up a meeting about the reorganisation of the company, all the employees feel there will be layoffs as a “reorganisation“ is just another word for job cuts. Ado blames Melisa for the bad state of the company, his ex-colleague and boss’s ex-girlfriend. The demise of their business started at the same moment she split up with her boss, both personally and professionally. Ado comes up with a plan to save the company: they’ll beat up Melisa and force her to make up with their boss and to return to work with them. All the employees, including Riki, dismiss the plan as totally stupid and senseless. But, even though he has no logical rationale for his business-saving theory, Ado is adamant about seeing his plan through, counting on the passivity of his colleagues. Little by little, Riki is left standing alone against Ado’s plan, torn between a sense of justice and family.

Srđan Vuletić
Srđan Vuletić
Ademir Kenović
Refresh Production
Iridium Film, Studio Dogma, Skopje Film Studio, Kinorama
Slovenian Film Centre, Croatian Audiovisual Centre

Iridium Film
Bojan Mastilović

Srđan Vuletić

Srđan Vuletić (1971) has directed and scripted award-winning feature and short films (here’s a selection of them): I burnt legs (1993)—Felix Award for “Sa-life“, a compilation of docs from the siege of Sarajevo (European Film Academy). Hop, skip & jump (2000)—Best Short (Panorama, 50TH Berlin IFF), Best Film (Conflict & Resolution, Hamptons IFF), Special Jury Prize (St. Petersburg Message to Man). 10 minutes (2002, script)—Felix Award for Best Short Film (European Film Academy). Summer in the Golden Valley (2003)—VPRO Tiger Award and Moviezone Award (Rotterdam FF), Jury Prize (Fipresci, Sofia FF), Discovery Section (Toronto FF). It’s hard to be nice (2007)—Montblanc Scriptwriting Award (Hamburg FF, 2008), Special Mention (25th edition of Miami International FF). Member of the European Film Academy.

Iridium Film, founded in 2015, has already established itself in the wider European area as one of the more experienced Slovenian production companies focusing mainly on international co-productions. It has more than 10 production and co-production titles, including: Men Don't Cry (2017, A. Drljevic, Special Award—Karlovy Vary IFF), The Frog (2017, E. Jukic, Audience Award—Sarajevo FF), Only Human (2020, I. Ivanov, Audience and Cineuropa Awards—Leccea European FF). Iridium film has its own post-production, which adds value and flexibility to their projects.