The Silence of Life

by Nina Blažin

V tišini življenja, 2024, documentary, 2,39:1/2,35:1, c, 87 min


An observational documentary with cinematic experience asking: What is important in life? The motivation for the film is director’s experience of the loss of her father. Every one of us will have to face mortality. It’s up to us what we’ll be like in those moments. A story of a strong woman, a hospice volunteer who survives cancer, celebrating life all along. She says her friendships with death began at the age of 19, when she was in the film The Birch Tree (1967), lying in a coffin most of the time. Today a retired journalist Manca Košir lets us in her intimate world, which is the door into exploring departure. From her private world the film goes wider. Just like in life, there is light/darkness, joy/sorrow in this character-driven film. The overall tone is positive, inspiring. We’ve been following our main protagonist since 2019; it’s an ongoing process. The creative observational film about departure explores in its core the acceptance of time and the celebration of Life. How will you spend the time you have left?

Nina Blažin
Nina Blažin
Igor Pediček
director of photography
Darko Herič
film editor
Zlatjan Čučkov
sound designer
Julij Zornik
RTV Slovenija, Incipit film
Slovenian Film Centre
Nina Blažin

Nina Blažin (1980) graduated in film and TV directing from the AGRFT, University in Ljubljana. Beginning with Berlin Talent Campus 2006, she has attended many international film workshops—some recent ones are: Sources 2 2017, Script Circle 2017, Script & Pitch 2017, Interfilm Berlin, Eurodoc 2019 Novi Sad, Balkan Documentary Centre 2020. As a director, she looks for the pure Truth, pure Life. Her debut documentary How Much Do You Love Yourself? won the Best Documentary Award (FSF Portorož, 2018) and was selected for ZagrebDox 2019 as well as for Hot Docs’ ”Changing Faces of Europe” in 2019 in Toronto in collaboration with European Film Promotion. Nina is a member of the Directors’ Guild of Slovenia and EWA.

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