Uncomfortable Beings

by Maja Križnik

Zverine, fiction
In progress


Three sisters are emptying the family house to sell it. EMA (37), the youngest and most reliable among them, realizes while clearing out the house that she doesn't remember her childhood and starts clinging to her mother's belongings, hoping they will bring her answers. The middle sister, MEGI (42), decides to undergo genetic testing for cancer and asks her sisters for help with caring for her three children during her medical leave. The eldest sister, RUBI (49), promises to help but her free-spirited nature quickly shifts the entire burden onto Ema. Ema is in a loving relationship with MARKO (39), who begins to question their joint decision not to have children amid all these changes. Ema, who has built her entire adult identity on the decision never to be a mother, starts withdrawing from Marko and overly enjoys caring for her nieces and nephews. Her sister's recovery triggers a wave of guilt in her and drives her to a violent search for a sense of identity. Although, as a psychiatry resident, she helps her patients find and take responsibility for their feelings, Ema does not acknowledge her own vulnerability until her sisters force her to. Besides clearing out the family house, Ema also needs to make space within herself.

Maja Križnik
Maja Križnik
Vlado Bulajić, Lija Pogačnik
in collaboration with
Film Studio Viba Film
Slovenian Film Centre

Maja Križnik (1986), after graduating in Comparative Literature and Philosophy, graduated from the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film, and Television in Ljubljana, specializing in Film and Television Directing. For my diploma film "Male ribe" (Little Fish, 2016), I received the Vesna Award for Best Student Film at the 19th FSF (Festival of Slovenian Film), and for this film and my diploma TV drama "Živalski vrt" (Zoo, 2016), I also received the Prešeren Award from UL AGRFT.

The December Production House was founded in 2013 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, by Vlado Bulajić and Lija Pogačnik.
We hold the filmmaking process in the highest regard, treating it as a unique and artistic endeavour every time. Our approach is centered on tailoring our methods to suit the individual author, their cinematic style, and the captivating stories we aim to bring to life on the silver screen.