Elvis Škorc, Clever Klutz

by Boris Jurjaševič

Elvis Škorc, genialni štor, fiction
In progress


A genius, Elvis (13), misunderstood by the world, swears by chemistry, comic books and Hanna, the most beautiful girl at his school. His life completely changes when his parents get a divorce and he finds himself, all of a sudden, sharing his home with women only: his mom, his younger sister and his grandmother. The unexpected family tsunami climaxes with his mother’s news that she is pregnant. In a funny, amusing and dynamic teenage odyssey, Elvis manages to solve all the complications and pickles, to glue back together the pieces of his broken life and to escape towards himself. The film is based on the eponymous best-selling book about a modern-day Slovenian Adrian Mole, for which Janja Vidmar received numerous awards.

based on the book by
Janja Vidmar
Janja Vidmar
Boris Jurjaševič
Radovan Mišić
RTV Slovenija
Slovenian Film Centre

Radovan Mišič


Boris Jurjaševič

Director and screenwriter Boris Jurjaševič (1955) is a well-established author of feature and documentary films for cinema as well as TV. As a co-director, he’s given himself lately to the TV series Cases of Inspector Vrenko, a top-rated Slovenian national TV drama with its second season starting in January 2023.

Fabula, an independent Slovenian production company founded in 2000, produces and co-produces feature and documentary films for national and international markets. Their goal is to make films with good ideas, artistic potential, and unique value. The owner of the company Radovan Mišič studied film production at FAMU in Prague.