by Miroslav Mandić


by Alex Cvetkov

Sports Day

by August Adrian Braatz

The Sea in Between

by Lun Sevnik

Around the Corner

by Martin Turk


by Rok Predin

Do You See Me?

by Jan Cvitkovič

How It Grows …

by Miha F. Kalan and Jernej Žmitek


by Matevž Jerman and Niko Novak


by Miha Reja

Last Laugh

by Domen Sajovic

Money and Happiness

by Ana Nedeljković and Nikola Majdak Jr.

Mouse House

by Timon Leder

Muri the Cat

by Jernej Žmitek

Newsreel 242 – Sunny Railways

by Nika Autor

Newsreel 670 – Red Forests

by Nika Autor

Others Remained Silent

by Matic Štamcar


by Leo Černic


by Lun Sevnik

Rotten Child

by Anej Golčar

Stuffed Peppers

by Alen Rivić


by Anton Martin Emeršič

That’s How the Summer Ended

by Matjaž Ivanišin

The Legend of Goldhorn

by Lea Vučko

The Moon of the Kurent: The Ritual

by Tomaž Gorkič

The Song of the Whales

by Žoel Kastelic

Tine and Bine, The Tiger Mosquitos

by Grega Mastnak


by Vasja Ris Lebarič and Julij Zornik

Beyond the Face

by Anja Resman

How I Learned to Hang Laundry

by Barbara Zemljič

The Container

by Simon Intihar

Tri tičice

by Zarja Menart