The Lost Son

by Darko Štante

Izgubljeni sin, fiction
In production

A detective runs into his violent brother, whom he hasn’t seen in twelve years. While trying to help him, his actions trigger repercussions that will shake their lives to the core.

Darko Štante
Darko Štante
Nina Robnik, Miha Černec
director of photography
Peter Zeitlinger
film editor
Sara Gjergek
production designer
Miha Knific
costume designer
Nikolina Kostanjšek
key make-up artist
Matea Katunar
Jure Henigman, Tamara Avguštin, Goran Bogdan, Nejc Cijan Garlatti, Nika Rozman, Igor Samobor, Liam Benjamin Štante, Svit Šturbej, Timon Šturbej, Lara Maria Vouk, Matej Zemljič
Propeler Film, Graal S.A., Kaval Film
Slovenian Film Centre, RTV Slovenija, Film Studio Viba Film, Croatian Audiovisual Centre, North Macedonia Film Agency, Creative Europe - MEDIA, Re-Act
Darko Štante

The award-winning director and scriptwriter Darko Štante (1975) lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia. His debut feature film Consequences (2018) was premiered at Toronto IFF. Film had a successful run in the international festival circuit and received a number of awards. It has also been sold and distributed in the USA, France, Germany, Taiwan, the UK and Canada, and has been sold to HBO, Amazon Prime and other VODs. Štante was a participant in the ScriptEast Workshop and is a 2021 Berlinale Talents alumnus.

Staragara mainly co-produces in the region of the former Yugoslavia, and it has established a superb artistic and scouting collaboration with Italy and certain other countries, for example Czechia, Hungary, Netherlands. Norway and Finland.