Girl of the Night

by Luka Marčetić

Dekle noči, fiction
In preproduction

Twenty-something Rok works night shifts at a sleepy small-town gas station and slowly develops kleptomania, which eventually makes him want to steal bigger things. His night-time routine is interrupted by a mysterious girl with a bloody forehead, who seeks help in stopping the bleeding. Rok helps her with the secret intention of successfully stealing her bike, only to learn that she's allegedly a superhero with flying powers who fights crime at night. To solve the complication he's gotten himself into, Rok joins her in fighting crime and investigating the disappearance of her bike, which he himself has stolen, but in doing so he only starts digging himself into a deeper hole from which he may never emerge.

Luka Marčetić
Luka Marčetić
Jerca Jerič, Andraž Jerič
director of photography
Lev Predan Kowarski
production designer
Katarina Riznar
costume designer
Katarina Šavs
key make-up artist
Lea Bratušek
Urban Kuntarič, Lara Wolf Završnik
in collaboration with
Film Studio Viba Film
Slovenian Film Centre
Luka Marčetić

During high school, Luka Marčetić (1985) was busy developing web games, and the global success of some of them eventually led him to move to California. However, he was always more interested in filmmaking. In 2009, he created Slovenia's first web show Day of Love, which garnered national attention, and followed it with the TV show Paired Up (2015–2019) for the largest Slovenian commercial broadcaster. In between its three seasons, Luka directed his first feature-length satire comedy At Hostar (2016), which broke Slovenian box-office records and became the most popular film in Slovenian history. Its sequel, At Hostar 2‰ (2022), which he also directed, is currently sitting in sixth place.

Temporama was established in 2013 in order to provide support and opportunities for the new generation of up-and-coming Slovenian film-makers. Since then it has produced a number of short and experimental films, music videos, and web series, such as the 2015 hit Paired Up, created by Luka Marčetić. In 2018, the company’s first feature film Consequences, written and directed by Darko Štante, premiered at Toronto IFF, which was followed by considerable festival and distribution success both at home and abroad. With a stable production output and a number of projects currently in various stages of development, Temporama continues its mission of producing brand new works by young and exciting authors.