The Moon of the Kurent: The Ritual

by Tomaž Gorkič

Kurentova luna: Ritual, 2022, fiction, digital DCP, 2,39:1/2,35:1, c, 6 min
A mysterious man is performing a mystical pagan ritual in the name of forgotten ancient Slavic gods. Is this a fertility rite performed by a priest or a serial killer? The bloody moon of the Kurent has risen.
Tomaž Gorkič
Tomaž Gorkič
Deja Škerjanc, Tomi Matić, Tomaž Gorkič
Žiga Pokorn, Teo Rižnar, Eva Tomazin
director of photography
Igor Pečoler
music composer
Jane Mujič
film editor
Tomaž Gorkič
production designer
Zoran Lesjak
costume designer
Sanja Grcić, Deja Škerjanc
key make-up artist
Eva Uršič, Blaž Kastelic
sound designer
Boštjan Kačičnik
Marinko Prga, Lara Maria Vouk
666 Productions
NuFrame, Zvokarna, Lignit Film
666 Productions
Tomaž Gorkič

Tomaž Gorkič is a film, television and theatre director and scriptwriter, working in Slovenia and Italy. His filmography includes directing two genre feature films and over ten short films, which have been screened at numerous film festivals around the globe and have received more than 50 international film awards. His feature debut Idyll/Killbillies (2015) was defined as ”the first true Slovenian horror film” and also as ”the most radical Slovenian movie after the independence” (Marcel Štefančič Jr., Mladina). It received 21 international film awards. His second feature satirical horror film The Curse of Valburga premiered at Sitges Film Festival in 2019 and has received 8 international film awards. Both films were released in cinema, on VOD and DVD in different countries around the world.

Special Mention ------- (Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival - HÕFF, 2023), Award best directing (Demonic Brilliance Film Festival, 2022)