Little Women

by Nika Jurman

Borbike, 2022, animated, stop motion, 1,77:1 (16:9), 25, c, 15 min

An ambitious but somewhat lazy photographer tries to survive in a big and expensive city. Hanging out at a posh party, she decides to radically change her life. Can she make it without killing anyone in the process?

Nika Jurman
Nika Jurman
Nika Jurman
lead animator
Nika Jurman
Nika Jurman
director of photography
Nika Jurman
music composer
Ester Ivakič
music supervisor
Gašper Antauer
film editor
Nika Jurman
production designers
Mila Peršin, Zala Križ, Nika Jurman
costume designers
Maja Šebenik, Jona Bednjanec, Tjaša Jurman, Nika Jurman
sound designer
Stojancho Georgiev
Anne Tassel, Eva Stražar, Teja Miholič, Mila Peršin, Ajda Zupančič, Tina Vrbnjak, Robert Kuret, Miha Artnak, Miha Možina, Leon Vovk, Gregor Kocjančič, Luka P. Slavic, Gregor Jakhel Kolarević
Nika Jurman

Nika Jurman (1991) is a Slovene screenwriter and director with a background in philosophy, literature, and film criticism. Her first screenwriting project was a successful comedy series, Paired Up (2015-2017), where she co-wrote for two seasons. The series was well received and set an important milestone in the Slovenian production of TV originals. In 2017, she started writing her first full feature film, Ida Who Sang So Badly Even the Dead Rose Up and Joined Her in Song with the director Ester Ivakič. She attended the Midpoint feature launch in 2020 with the same project, and the shooting wrapped last summer. Interested in comedy, she wrote, directed, animated, and produced an independent animated short called Borbike (2022), which got an instant cult following and won the best animation award at the Slovenian Film Festival 2023. Currently, she is developing the script for her short fiction comedy Little House on the Midpoint Shorts 2023.

Animateka, Panorama, 2022

Vesna Award best film (Festival of Slovenian Film, 2023)