Little Trouble Girls

by Urška Djukić

Little Trouble Girls, fiction, digital DCP


To fulfill her mother’s expectations, shy and sensitive 16-year-old Lucija enters the local Catholic high school choir. In the spring, the conductor takes the girls for a weekend of intensive rehearsals to the convent of the Ursuline Sisters in Cividale. At that time the convent is in the process of renovation by a group of Italian workers. An outgoing thirdgrader Ana-Marija notices Lucija’s interest in the attractive dark-eyed worker and they decide to play a trick on him. After an unfortunate first orgasm, deep feelings of shame overwhelm Lucija, and the struggle with guilt about her impulses begins.

Maria Bohr
Urška Djukić
Urška Djukić
Jožko Rutar
executive producer
David Cej
Katarina Prpić, Miha Černec, Julie Paratian, Marina Gumzi
director of photography
Lev Predan Kowarski
music composer
Lojze Krajnčan
film editor
Vladimir Gojun, Ivan Gergolet
production designer
Vasja Kokelj
costume designer
Gilda Venturini
key make-up artist
Eva Uršič
Jara Sofija Ostan, Mina Švajger, Saša Tabaković
SPOK Films
Staragara IT, 365 Films, Non Aligned films, Nosorogi, RTV Slovenija
in collaboration with
Cinefondation, First Films First, Ponta Lopud, Moulin d’Andé, Torino Film Lab
Slovenian Film Centre, Eurimages, RTV Slovenija, Viba film, Re-act, Italian Ministry of Culture, FVG Fondo Audiovisivo, FVG Film Commission, Film Center Serbia, Croatian Audiovisual Center, Creative Europe Media, Region Nouvelle Aquitaine, ARRI International Support Programme
Heretic Outreach

SPOK Films
Jožko Rutar

Urška Djukić

Urška Djukic’s last short film Granny’s Sexual Life has won over 50 awards, including the European Film Academy award 2022 for best short film and the César Award 2023 for best animated short film. In 2019 she developed her first feature film Little Trouble Girls in 39th edition of the Cinéfondation Residency. In December 2023 this project was awarded as best work-in-progress project at Les Arcs film festival.

SPOK Film was established in 2016 and is dedicated to discovering, promoting and distributing new talents of Slovenian cinema worldwide as well as world cinema in Slovenia and Southeast Europe. The company was established by Jožko Rutar, who previously worked as a producer at Staragara Production and was a managing director of Slovenian Film Centre. With 20 years of experience in production, film funding and policy making, the company is focused on developing, producing, promoting and distributing high-end art-house films, as well as offering a wide range of various consultations in the field of film. Its first completed minority co-production Murina, directed by Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović, was presented at Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2021 and awarded with Caméra d'Or.

Titra Film Award best film (Les Arcs Film Festival, 2023)