by Kukla

Fantasy, fiction
In progress


Sina, Mihrije and Jasna are best friends in their early twenties. Their boyish lifestyles often lead them into conflicts with neighbourhood boys who perceive them as a threat. A young transgender woman called Fantasy catches their attention. Fantasy slowly mesmerises the girls and their paths take different directions. Despite her strong opinions against romantic relationships, Sina becomes romantically entangled. Jasna, who lives with her frustrated mother, decides to take a job on a cruise ship in France. Mihrije runs away with Fantasy to Macedonia to avoid an arranged marriage. Her feelings for Fantasy become more and more intense. After their return to Slovenia, all girls realise they’ve grown apart and feel estranged from each other. On her way home, Mihrije stops at Fantasy’s apartment and discovers she has disappeared. Each in her own way, Sina, Mihrije and Jasna build the first steps of their adult lives, far from the destiny they were supposed to have.

Lija Pogačnik, Vlado Bulajić
Dejan Krajčevski
director of photography
Lazar Bogdanović
film editor
Lukas Miheljak
production designer
Maja Šavc, Mihail Panev
costume designer
Damir Raković
key make-up artist
Tina Prpar
Sarah Al Saleh, Mia Skrbinac, Mina Milovanović, Alina Juhart
RTV Slovenija, Krug Film
Slovenian Film Centre, North Macedonia Film Agency

Kukla is a film director and musician. In 2014, she graduated from the film academy in Ljubljana. In the past years, she has been mostly directing music videos, which have reached over 100 million views. Her last short film Sestre (Sisters) has won Grand Prix International at Clermont Ferrand Film Festival 2021. Fantasy is her first feature film.

December is a Slovenian production company focused on fiction and documentary films. Since the beginning in 2013, their wish has been to set up new standards of cooperation, to get out of the established ways of doing things and, together with filmmakers, to search for new possibilities of crossing borders, both mental and physical. Among 3 short films, 2 documentaries, 4 co-production features they produced 2 debut feature films Inventory by Darko Sinko (2021, SSIFF) and Bitch, a Derogatory Term for a Woman by Tijana Zinajić (2021, Sidney FF).