by Maja Doroteja Prelog

Cent'anni, documentary, digital DCP, 2,39:1/2,35:1, 24, c, 86 min
In this personal and confessional documentary, the filmmaker Maja Doroteja Prelog, a quiet dreamer, confronts her deepest and most private fear: being alone. When Blaž, her partner since their teens, miraculously beat the terminal diagnosis of leukaemia in 2017, he asked Maja to document his celebratory Giro d’Italia. Back to his hardened self, he would now set off on a gruelling multi-stage biking tour. But in the midst of shooting what was supposed to be a triumphant film about his survival and her devotion, their relationship floundered. The trip and the film revealed a crisis between two people who had changed. The focus shifted and now Maja’s experience and needs hold the lens. Featuring searing, heart-breaking confessions on the trip through the mountains of Italy, stream-of-consciousness narration, poetic visuals and personal archives, Cent’anni (100 years) unflinchingly anatomizes the unravelling of a relationship in a brave examination of self, other, union and perspective.Will they find love again in the aftermath of the disease? What is love after all – a state of perfect caring or an active noun like a struggle?
Maja Doroteja Prelog, Blaž Murn
Maja Doroteja Prelog
Rok Biček
Massimo Casula, Alessandro Leone, Biljana Tutorov
director of photography
Lev Predan Kowarski, Maja Doroteja Prelog
asociate editor
Olga Michalik
film editor
Uroš Maksimović
sound designer
Julij Zornik
Blaž Murn, Maja Doroteja Prelog, Franco Roppo Valente
Cvinger film
Zena film, Agresywna Banda, RTV Slovenija, Wake Up Films, Zwinger film
Slovenian Film Centre, Italian Ministry of Culture, Polish Film Institute, Film Center Serbia
Maja Doroteja Prelog

Maja Doroteja Prelog (1988) is a film directress, based in Ljubljana. Her student short film Wild East (2012) received the Vesna Award at the 16th FSF. Since 2012, she has been a member of the RÁ. art group, finding her means of expression in cinema and other forms of artistic practices. She is a co-author of music videos for the world-renowned art music group Laibach. She wrote, directed, and produced her short experimental film 2045 (2016), which received the Best of FeKK SLO Award at the Ljubljana short FF FeKK 2016. Cent´anni is her debut feature.

Docs-in-Progress Award best documentary (Cannes film festival, IEFTA - International Emerging Film Talent Association, 2021), Avanpost Media Award best film (Avanpost Media, 2021), DOK Leipzig Preview Award best documentary (DOK Leipzig, 2021)