by Maja Doroteja Prelog

Cent'anni, 2024, documentary, digital DCP, 2,39:1/2,35:1, 24, c, 86 min

After surviving a terminal illness diagnosis, Blaž sets off to a grueling celebratory Giro d’Italia. With him is his partner, filmmaker Maja Doroteja Prelog, tasked with capturing the triumphant biking tour. What was initially planned as a ride from the Dolomites to Sicily to reclaim control of one’s own life and celebrate overcoming their greatest fear, soon becomes a journey of self-discovery for the couple. The focus shifted and now Maja’s experience and needs hold the lens. While the lens of the camera turns inward, the relationship unravels, revealing a brave examination of self and what it truly means to be together. CENT’ANNI is an emotional rollercoaster with heart-wrenching confessions and poetic visuals in the midst of beautiful natural sceneries, an unfiltered testament to love and change.

Maja Doroteja Prelog
Maja Doroteja Prelog
Rok Biček
Massimo Casula, Alessandro Leone, Marta Leone, Biljana Tutorov
directors of photography
Lev Predan Kowarski, Maja Doroteja Prelog
film editor
Uroš Maksimović
asociate editor
Olga Michalik
production designer
Blaž Murn
sound designers
Julij Zornik, Riccardo Spagnol
Maja Doroteja Prelog, Blaž Murn, Maja Murn
Cvinger film
Zena film, Agresywna Banda, RTV Slovenija, Wake Up Films, Zwinger film, RÁTNEEK, Cavatina Film Production
in collaboration with
Adria Mobil
Slovenian Film Centre, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism - MiBACT, Polish Film Institute, Film Center Serbia
Maja Doroteja Prelog

Maja Doroteja Prelog (1988) is an independent film director based in Ljubljana and a co-founder of the art collective RÁ., dedicated to indie cinema and diverse artistic practices. Her work includes directing acclaimed short experimental films and music videos for the internationally renowned music group Laibach. "Cent'anni" marks her debut.

“I never expected this film to be about me. In 2018, my partner of eighteen years asked me to direct a documentary about his personal Giro d’Italia, celebrating his recovery from leukaemia. After years of fear and isolation, I leapt at the chance. But beneath the surface of this seemingly straightforward documentary, another narrative would emerge—one that mirrored the complexities of our relationship. Our triumphal project hit an emotional roadblock, and both film and relationship unraveled, in real time, on camera and in front of our crew. Personally, I was devastated. Professionally, I wondered: is this what I have to show the world? Before cancer even entered the picture, we were dealing with issues. His bottled-up frustrations and random explosions had turned me into a passive bystander long before I became his caregiver. Realising that felt like a punch in the gut. Though it felt like a betrayal, I had to examine my needs and experience. Cent’anni is therefore a raw, honest and unflinching history of a formative relationship with its painful complexities and contradictions.”

Trieste Film Festival, Documentary Competition, 2024

Award best film (Trieste Film Festival, 2024) , Docs-in-Progress Award best documentary (Cannes film festival, IEFTA - International Emerging Film Talent Association, 2021) , Avanpost Media Award best film (Avanpost Media, 2021) , DOK Leipzig Preview Award best documentary (DOK Leipzig, 2021)