Ciao Bela

by Jani Sever

Čao Bela, fiction
In progress


Bela plays the piano, writes songs, and has trained taekwando. She lives with her father, who is a music producer. Her mother left for America, looking for an acting career. At the beginning of her first year of high school, Bela learns that her mother wants to come back into her life. This causes her to reflect on the relationships she has taken for granted as well as on the relationships she is reestablishing. Bela experiences her first love. And her first major life crisis. A crisis which, in extreme moments, leads her to try drugs and self-harm. In the search for meaning and self-expression Bela forms the band that represents freedom and a confession of her worldview. And calls her mother.

Jani Sever
Jani Sever
Nina Jeglič
director of photography
Darko Herič
music composer
Ana Đurić, Milovan Bošković
Krešimir Mikić, Alisa Milićević, Gaja Mazvita Strauss Tihaolang, Maša Slapar, Luka Lukša, Laura Prajs, Brin Strnad Volkar, France Mandić, Ana Urbanc, Suzana Krevh, Neža Buh, Maruša Geymayer Oblak
Sever & Sever
RTV Slovenija, Slovenian Film Centre, Film Studio Viba Film
Jani Sever

Jani Sever (1963), a former journalist and editor-in-chief (1996-2006) of the leading Slovenian political weekly Mladina, works as a producer, director, and screenwriter. He has produced more than ten documentaries and fiction features, five shorts, a TV and a web series, as well as directed Status Zero (2016), a documentary about unemployed youth; and Pero Lovšin – You Can (2018), a documentary about the first East European punk star. His last documentary film Antigone - How dare we!, (2020) won Best Documentary Award at the Slovenian Film Festival.

Sever & Sever film production company was established in 2011 by the producer, screenwriter and director Jani Sever and producer Nina Jeglič. Sever & Sever produces documentaries as well as fiction and short movies. The company has collaborated with many young film artists. The creative team of Sever & Sever production house has made 13 feature films, six short films and 2 TV series.