Alpe-Adria Underground!

by Matevž Jerman and Jurij Meden

Ali je bilo kaj avantgardnega?, documentary, Digital DCP, 1.85:1, c, 100 min


Between 2013 and 2023, Slovenian Cinematheque preserved and digitized 179 short films created on a tiny stretch of land between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea in the period of socialism (1945-1991), but mostly outside the prevailing state production. Today, we belatedly recognize these films as experimental and as an important, innovative part of the Slovenian film heritage, visible again for the first time after decades. The production of Alpe-Adria Underground! has radically accelerated efforts to preserve, digitize and restore this segment of Slovenian cinema.

Matevž Jerman, Jurij Meden
Matevž Jerman, Jurij Meden
Jerca Jerič, Andraž Jerič
Ženja Leiler
director of photography
Gašper Milkovič Biloslav
film editor
Saša Škulj
sound designer
Julij Zornik
Slovenska kinoteka, RTV Slovenija
Slovenian Film Centre
Matevž Jerman

Matevž Jerman is a film director, film curator and film critic, as well as one of the co-founders of the Kraken Association for the Promotion of Short Film and the Programme Director of FeKK - Ljubljana Short Film Festival. As a selector of the short film section he collaborates with festivals Kino Otok - Isola Cinema and LIFFe. Since 2009 he has been working with the Slovenian Cinematheque's programming department, where in recent years he has been curating short film programmes and researching special avant-garde collections in the cinema archive.

Jurij Meden

Jurij Meden is a curator and head of film program at the Austrian Film Museum in Vienna. Previously he worked as head of the program department at the Slovenian Cinematheque in Ljubljana and as curator of film exhibitions at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York.

Temporama was established in 2013 with a goal of providing support for the new generation of up-and-coming Slovenian film-makers. Their first feature film Consequences by Darko Štante premiered at Toronto IFF in 2018, followed by a considerable international success. Their most recent focus has been on producing feature films, with several titles currently in production or development, but they remain active in short form, documentary film, television content, and experimental cinema.