by Igor Šterk

Šterkijada, 2023, fiction

A surprising and intimate portrait of the family of Jure Šterk, the first Slovene who single-handedly circumnavigated the world, as viewed from the personal perspective of his son. A humorous and uncompromising family drama with three main actors—father, mother and son—who represent three forces within their household, while the sailing boat represents the fourth. The father as the head of the family is omnipresent at home, even in his absence. By being repeatedly absent and by risking his own life, he leaves a permanent and indelible mark on the household. There is a woman behind every successful man. Does anyone ever ask about the price she has to pay for that success? Is the fulfilment of a man's dreams more important than the fulfilment of a woman’s? Multi-layered, difficult, complex, never completely clarified or understood relations. Who is the good person in this story? And who is the bad one? A lot is forgiven and forgotten, but this can sometimes be controversial, too.

Igor Šterk
Igor Šterk
Petra Vidmar
Ira Cecić, Nina Petrović
director of photography
Miloš Srdić
film editor
Petar Marković
production designer
Marco Juratovec
costume designer
Tina Bonča
key make-up artist
Gabrijela Fleischman
sound designer
Julij Zornik
Silva Čušin, Janez Škof, Jernej Gašperin, Tito Novak, Blaž Setnikar, Saša Pavček
A.A.C. Productions
RTV Slovenija, Švenk, Gustav film, Scribble Lighting
Slovenian Film Centre, RTV Slovenija, Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Film Studio Viba Film

Coccinelle Film Sales
Francesca Breccia

A. A. C. Production
Petra Vidmar

Igor Šterk

The filmmaker and producer Igor Šterk (1968) is known to the international film audiences for his well-received and award-winning features, including his debut Express, Express (1997), Ljubljana (2002), Tuning (2005), 9:06 (2009), and the youth film Come Along (2016).

Festival of Slovenian Film, Competition Feature Fiction, 2023