Wracked Piano

by Miha Vipotnik

Pošvedrani klavir, 2022, fiction, documentary, digital DCP, 1,77:1 (16:9), 25, c, 85 min

A film about an old abandoned Bösendorfer Model 225 piano, which lives in a Radio Slovenia's studio. The story is being told in a documentary language using fiction and animation. The film presents true stories supported by history facts and documents. They are supplemented with statements and references from two Slovenian literary works. Author's imagination and creativity ties everything nicely into a coherent documentary.

Miha Vipotnik
Miha Vipotnik
Igor Pediček
Borut Atlagič, Tanja Prinčič
lead animator
Ciril Horjak
Ana Čigon, Tone Mlakar, Miha Vipotnik
director of photography
Rado Likon
music composers
Gregor Strniša, Bojan Adamič, Vojko Sfiligoj
film editors
Miha Vipotnik, Šarka Likon, Tony Keyrouz, Katarina Šedlbauer
production designer
Mateja Medvedić
costume designer
Tanja Birgmajer
key make-up artist
Anja Godina
sound designers
Julij Zornik, Miha Jaramaz, Miha Rudolf
Ciril Horjak, Janez Škof, Saša Pavček, Gregor Strniša, Lukas Luderer Manfred, Anja Drnovšek, Igor Štamulak, Matija Milčinski, Dario Nožić Serini, Renato Horvat, Klemen Brezavšček, Matej Puc, Iztok Jereb, Matjaž Pikalo, Nataša Barbara Gračner
RTV Slovenija
Slovenian Film Centre
Miha Vipotnik

Miha Vipotnik (1954) is a cross-disciplinary and multimedia artist, painter, and TV and film director. In 1987, he went to the USA as a Fullbright scholar and he continued a graduate course in film. Between 1989 and 1994, he worked for the film industry in Los Angeles. Since 2002, he's been teaching in Ljubljana, Libanon, Croatia, Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. He teaches documentary film at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. Since 2001, he's been lecturing at the Lebanese University Faculté des Beaux Arts et des Arts appliqués as a visiting professor.

Slovenian Film Publicists FIPRESCI Award best film (Festival of Slovenian Film, 2022) , Vesna Award best music/score (Festival of Slovenian Film, 2022)