What a Life

by Giuseppe Battiston

Kakšno življenje, orig. Io vivo altrove!, 2022, fiction, co-production, c, 104 min

Fausto Perbellini and Fausto Biasutti are middle-aged loners who strike up an unlikely friendship on account of their shared first name. Wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of Rome, they have a common goal: to live a frugal life in the countryside. After their relocation to Biasutti’s inherited house in the Friulian hills, they clumsily attempt to farm while trying to ingratiate themselves with the local folk. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and Perbellini and Biasutti grow from their mistakes. They learn how to listen to nature, how to love, and how to build community with others. Ultimately, they win the greatest of all rewards: the gift of true friendship. Inspired by the novel Bouvard and Pécuchet by Gustave Flaubert.

based on the book by
Gustave Flaubert
Marco Pettenello, Giuseppe Battiston
Giuseppe Battiston
Marica Stocchi, Miha Černec
director of photography
Duccio Cimatti
music composer
Pasquale Catalano
film editor
Guisseppe Trepiccone
production designer
Maja Moravec
costume designer
Salvatore Aresu
sound designers
Giandomenico Petillo, Gianluca Costamagna
Giuseppe Battiston, Rolando Ravello, Teco Celio, Diane Fleri, Ariella Reggio, Alfonso Santagata, Maurizio Fanin, Giovanni Franzoni, Roberto Abbiati, Filippo Tirabassi
Rosamont, Staragara
RAI Cinema, Minimum Fax Media, Tucker Film
Slovenian Film Centre, Italian Ministry of Culture
Adler Entertainment
Giuseppe Battiston

Giuseppe Battiston (1968) is a well-known award-winning Italian actor, screenwriter, and director. Since 1990, he has appeared in more than 50 films and successfully collaborated with acclaimed Italian directors Silvio Soldini, Roberto Benigni, Cristina Comencini, Carlo Mazzacurati, Gianni Zanasi, Andrea Segre, Antonio Padovan, Matteo Oleotto, and Paolo Genovese. Battiston has written and directed several stage plays and directed a short film. What a Life is his debut fiction feature.

“What a Life is a contemporary fairy-tale with its own language and unique imaginary world. It’s an examination of the human soul, with a wry smile.”