Jump Into the Future

by Darko Štante

Skok v prihodnost, animated, 3D animation, 1,77:1 (16:9), 25, c
Principal photography Q3 2024

Who among slovenes does not know Zvitorepec, Lakotnik, Trdonja and other heroes of many comics and picture books? And naughty bunnies from Zigzag, commercials for Mercator, Viki Cream, Chunga Lung, Jelovica and many more. The author of these folk creations is Miki Muster, undoubtedly one of the best creators in the field of comics, where we consider him the originator of picture books and animation in Slovenia. Jump Into the Future is an episode where our heroes fight for a cleaner environment. They visit the future and meet the culprit for pollution in the present.

Taja Eva Cirman, Matej Mijatović
Darko Štante
Igor Pediček
executive producer
Igor Pediček
lead animator
Andraž Kržič
music composer
Matija Krečič
film editor
Andraž Kržič
sound designer
Julij Zornik
RTV Slovenija, ActaLogic, UP FAMNIT
Slovenian Film Centre, RTV Slovenija
Darko Štante

The award-winning director and scriptwriter Darko Štante (1975) lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia. His debut feature film Consequences (2018) was premiered at Toronto IFF. Film had a successful run in the international festival circuit and received a number of awards. It has also been sold and distributed in the USA, France, Germany, Taiwan, the UK and Canada, and has been sold to HBO, Amazon Prime and other VODs. Štante was a participant in the ScriptEast Workshop and is a 2021 Berlinale Talents alumnus.

Casablanca was founded in 1990. In the first period of its operation the company was exclusively engaged in the production of advertising films. Since it produced its first feature film, the company has been led by Igor Pediček. Among a series of international and national awards the most prestigious one went to the co-production of the feature film No Man's Land, which won an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film 2001. We have worked with producers from France, Italy, Great Britain, Belgium, Hungary, Bulgaria, Canada, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia... We have already received Media Programme’s support for development, TV distributions as well as Eurimages.