Rotten Child

by Anej Golčar

Mamin sinček, orig. Rotkind, 2022, animated, digital DCP, 1,85:1, c, 7 min
Harold is a 60-year-old man who still lives with his ageing mother Hendrina. Her authoritarian upbringing has made him believe he is unable to take care of himself. But observing a rebellious, disrespectful neighbour’s kid, he suddenly feels the desire to emancipate, only to see Hendrina die in her sleep. For the first time in his life, Harold is free.
Anej Golčar
Anej Golčar
Tatevik Martirosyan, Anej Golčar
lead animator
Eva Schets
director of photography
Anej Golčar
music composer
Anja Lobnik
production designer
Anej Golčar
costume designer
Simone Kraaijeveld
sound designer
Annie White, Anej Golčar
Juus Piek, Door Janssen Polanen, Katja van der Sandt, Tico Rovers
WdKA – Willem de Kooning Academy
Anej Golčar

Anej Golčar (Maribor, SI, 1999) is a London-based aspiring director with an affinity for stop-motion puppet animation. He holds a BA in Animation from the Willem de Kooning Academie (Rotterdam, NL), and is currently doing his master's studies at the Royal College of Art.

DSAF Special Mention ------- (Slovene Animated Film Association, 2022)