The Song of the Whales

by Žoel Kastelic

Pesem kitov, 2021, animated, digital file, 1,77:1 (16:9), c, 2 min
The synchronized movements of the whale and the diver plunging into the deep show the human bond with nature, a connection we are becoming less and less aware of. Jumping out of the water, the whale embodies a relaxed playfulness we have forgotten about. Can we bring it back into our lives?
Žoel Kastelic
Žoel Kastelic
Žoel Kastelic
lead animator
Žoel Kastelic
film editor
Žoel Kastelic
sound designer
Žoel Kastelic
UL ALUO - Akademija za likovno umetnost in oblikovanje
Žoel Kastelic

Born in Ljubljana, 1995. Since 2015 she has been creating short animated films in traditional techniques, which were screened in Slovenia and abroad. Graduated at Academy of fine Arts and Design Ljubljana in 2021 with stop-motion animation The Song of the Whales, which won a special mention from DSAF for student animated film in 2021. She is currently working on a master's degree at Video, animation and new media department at ALUO in Ljubljana.

DSAF Special Mention ------- (Slovene Animated Film Association, 2021)