No One Ever Looked At Elephants as You Do

by Sandra Jovanovska

Nihče ni nikoli gledal slonov kot ti, animated, digital DCP, c, 10 min
In production Q4 2024

In the evocative stop-motion animation "No one ever looked at elephants as you do," as something grows within her, an artist undergoes a transformation, navigating from an intimate connection with nature to a wild fountain of life. Approaching motherhood, she befriends an unfamiliar world, prompting her to rediscover every detail around her.

Sandra Jovanovska
Sandra Jovanovska
Nina Robnik, Miha Černec
executive producer
Mihaela Trupi
lead animator
Sandra Jovanovska
music composer
Ivan Antić
film editor
Iva Kraljević
costume designer
Mateja Fajt
sound designer
Ivan Antić
in collaboration with
Film Studio Viba Film
Slovenian Film Centre, Creative Europe - MEDIA
Sandra Jovanovska

Sandra Jovanovska, a young multimedia artist in Slovenia, studied French and English before pursuing further education at the Academy of Arts, University of Nova Gorica. She engages in diverse artistic endeavors in the cultural sector, collaborating with independent initiatives globally. Working across digital and analog media, her film "Scarecrow cross" won Best Student Film at "Cinedays" in Skopje, and "Animals Are Special Effects" earned Best Experimental Film at the "Progeny Short Film Festival" in Blagsburg, USA. Her acclaimed master's film "Soma" has received seven awards and screened at over forty festivals. Sandra, currently completing a master's in media arts, is self-employed in culture and a regular contributor to Kinoatelje in Gorizia.

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