Slipper Keeper Kitty

by Rok Predin

Muca Copatarica, animated, digital DCP, c, 10 min
In production 2024

In the idyllic Small Village, cheerful and playful children live. Before bedtime, they carelessly take off their shoes and throw them around the room. To their great surprise, the shoes disappear by morning. Initially, they unsuccessfully search for them around the house, and then their parents tell them that a cat took them. They can only run out of the house when it's warm enough outside so that their bare feet don't freeze. Once they finally gather, they decide to search for the Shoe Cat and ask her for their shoes. They embark on a journey into the forest. Shoe Cat warmly welcomes them and hands over their patched and cleaned shoes. The little ones promise to take better care of them from now on.

Andrej Predin
Rok Predin
Miha Černec
executive producer
Mihaela Trupi
lead animator
Rok Predin
film editor
Rok Predin
sound designer
Barnaby Templer
Slovenian Film Centre
Rok Predin

Rok Predin, a visual artist and animated film director, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 2004. After graduating, he began creating short animated films and music videos. In 2009, he joined London's Trunk Animation, contributing to various projects, including animations for the British Queen's 60th reign anniversary at Buckingham Palace in 2012. His animated short film, "One of a Kind," earned the Audience Award in Stuttgart in 2014. Predin has collaborated with renowned artists like The Rolling Stones, Elton John, U2, Take That, and Madness. Notably, he recently contributed to an animated music video for The Beatles, premiered on December 8th, 2022. Predin has directed commercials for brands like Jaguar, Canon, and Coca Cola. His work extends to scenography and video projections for the Maribor National Theater, as well as collaborations with the Maribor Puppet Theater. Currently residing and working in Maribor.

“My vision for the animated 'Muca Copatarica' relies on the original literary work's rhythm, atmosphere, and tonality, incorporating its narrative and artistic essence. The fairy tale, recognized instantly by sentences and Ančka Gošnik Godec's illustrations, must be embraced with warmth and sincerity in the animated adaptation through modern media. The animated film won't blindly follow the original's narrative logic but will breathe with its own creativity, adapting for dramaturgical reasons and seizing opportunities from the animation medium. The story will primarily express itself visually, expanding Muca Copatarica's world and bringing it to life through movement. Both the image and rhythm of animation are crucial, along with a sonic approach to the fairy tale. Muca Copatarica's radio play adaptation by Irena Glonar and Boris A. Novak serves as a foundation for shaping sound and musical quotes, confidently capturing Copatarica's unique iconography. Technologically, we'll blend traditional and modern practices, using two and three-dimensional approaches for flexibility. With extensive experience, I understand the aesthetic and content implications of technologies, ensuring the film retains the organic touch of human creation, preserving the warmth and sincerity of the original fairy tale.”
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