The Legend of Goldhorn

by Lea Vučko

Legenda o Zlatorogu, 2022, animated, 2D animation, hand-drawn, digital DCP, 1,85:1, c, 13 min
A hunter heads out to the mountains to mend his broken heart. On his way he can’t escape the visions of his lover who left him. As he loses his mind, his dark side comes to life. The shadow tells him to hunt down the mythical Goldhorn and ultimately leads him to his demise. Based on a Slovenian folktale, this is a story about greed and our relationship to nature.
Lea Vučko
Lea Vučko
Damir Grbanović
lead animator
Lea Vučko
music composer
Janez Dovč
film editor
Damir Grbanović
production designer
Lea Vučko
sound designer
Julij Zornik
Lea Vučko, Damir Grbanović, Gregor Volk
Slovenian Film Centre
Lea Vučko

The director Lea Vučko studied illustration at the University of Ljubljana’s Academy of Fine Arts and Design. She did animations for projects such as Prince Ki-Ki-do, Weasel, Špela Čadež’s OITNB Netflix commission and Somewhere Else, a contemporary puppet play. She is the co-creator of two site-specific projects that were selected for Animafest’s Animation goes MSU (Petris, Spring Cleaning) and a co-founder of Octopics production studio. The Legend of Goldhorn is her debut short film, which in 2022 received VESNA, the main Slovenian film award for Best Animated Film, and DSAF Award from the Slovenian Animated Film Association for Best Visual Design.

Award best film (Balkans Beyond Borders, 2023), FIPRESCI Award best film (Društvo slovenskih filmskih publicistov FIPRESCI, 2023), Award best film (Maremetraggio - International Short Film Film Festival, 2023), Manjushree Award best film (NIFF - Nepal International Film Festival, 2023), Special Mention ------- (South East European Film Festival Los Angeles, 2023), DSAF Award best visual style (Slovene Animated Film Association, 2022), Vesna Award best film (Festival of Slovenian Film, 2022)