by Darko Sinko

Birma, fiction
In preproduction Q2 2026

“Confirmation“ is a bittersweet coming-of-age comedy. Set in the modern Slovenian countryside, it follows the adventures and friendship of three teenage boys right before confirmation. When the village community is surprised by a drug find, their friendship is put to the test. It is a visually rich film with a fast-paced plot, with many distinct and colourful characters, exciting subplots and some surprising twists. It playfully explores irony, the grotesque, satire and, at times, ventures into the realm of surrealism.

Darko Sinko, Andreea Vălean
Darko Sinko
Vlado Bulajić, Lija Pogačnik
RTV Slovenija
in collaboration with
Film Studio Viba Film
Darko Sinko

Darko Sinko (1979) is film director from Ljubljana, Slovenia. He graduated from the Communication studies at Faculty od Social sciences (2006) and from Film and television directing at Film academy (AGRFT) in Ljubljana (2008). He has directed and produced several documentaries. With his first feature film Inventory, he attended San Sebastian and many other film festivals and was awarded several times, including Vesna award for best directing at Festival of Slovenian film (2021). Sinko is now working on his second feature film – “Confirmation“.

“Confirmation wants to be visually rich, fast-paced film with numerous vivid characters and intense happening. It tends to be a communicative film that is entertaining and moving at the same time.”
The December Production House was founded in 2013 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, by Vlado Bulajić and Lija Pogačnik. They hold’s the filmmaking process in the highest regard, treating it as a unique and artistic endeavour every time. Their approach is centred on tailoring their methods to suit the individual author, their cinematic style, and the captivating stories they aim to bring to life on the silver screen.