by Alex Cvetkov

Zemlja, fiction, 2,39:1/2,35:1, c, 30 min
Expected delivery: Q2 2022

Hoping for a better life (economically), people from northern Macedonia apply for a Bulgarian passport so that they could move to the European Union without work visas and work permits. Gjore is a proud firefighter, happy with his life. But his pregnant wife Sofia has a European dream... After somehow getting enough money for their passports with great difficulty, Gjore and Sofia set off for a better life. But what they soon find out is that even “over there” there is a harsh reality. With the new realization that life is everywhere, if only one can find it, they return to their loving homeland.

Alex Cvetkov, Nikola Kuzletov
Alex Cvetkov
Miha Černec
Angela Nestorovska, Vladimir Anastasov, Igor A. Nola
director of photography
Joško Morović
film editor
Dejan Boškovič
production designers
Špela Jelovčan, Marco Juratovec
costume designer
Žaklina Krstevska
key make-up artists
Žaneta Dimitrievska, Loui Ferry
Nataša Petrović, Dimitar Gjorgijevski, Matjaž Javšnik
Tramal Films
Sektor Film, AR Cvetkov, MP Films, MB Grip
Slovenian Film Centre, North Macedonia Film Agency
Alex Cvetkov

Slovenian filmmaker Alex Cvetkov (1995) began his career at a young age as a stuntman, and later, especially while studying at the Los Angeles Film School, he gained a lot of experience in virtually all professions in the sector.