by Rok Predin

Bimberli, 2022, animated, digital DCP, 2,39:1/2,35:1, c, 15 min

A girl and her best friend Bunko the Bimberli live in an old burger house. He came to her when she was a baby, and they have been inseparable ever since. But Bunko has already grown up a lot, his hairy body is too big to live in an apartment, and on top of that he is clumsy... It's time for him to move to the Island of Memories to live among his friends. After a steamboat trip, during which the girl and Bunko meet a huge number of children and their bimberlis, it's time to say goodbye: Bunko will stay with his friends and the girl will return home with the other children. Bimberli tells the story of adorable magical creatures that we also call imaginary friends. These fictional creatures are common companions of children in early childhood; they are their confidants or conspirators. This is a warm story about growing up and about the first careful but courageous steps out of a world of carefree magical games.

Andrej Predin
Rok Predin
Miha Černec
director of photography
Rok Predin
music composer
Sebastijan Duh
film editor
Rok Predin
sound designer
Massimiliano Borghesi
Tilen Artač, Barbara Lapajne Predin, Maja Pihler Stermecki
Trarnsmedia, Trunk Animation
Slovenian Film Centre
Rok Predin

Since signing with Trunk Animation Studio London (2009) Rok Predin has been busy creating projects for Elton John, Madness, Keith Urban and The Rolling Stones as well as directing commercials and broadcast identities for international clients, whilst always continuing to make his own films and to tell his own stories in his own unique style. These have gone on to win awards and be screened at festivals all over the world. He has made more than 10 animated films (as the director, animator, and author of concept).