Father Figure

by Nejc Gazvoda

Vzornik, fiction

The fourteen-year-old boy Jan lives with his mother Mojca in a small town on the Slovenian-Croatian border. The parents are separated, Mojca has problems with alcohol, and Jan is looking forward to the day when he starts attending high school and living in a dormitory in Ljubljana. He befriends a new neighbour, the unusual Jure. However, Jure is not what he seems at first glance – for several years, he has been associated with illegal groups that organise border migrant crossings even during the pandemic. Jan falls in love with a classmate, the gypsy girl Lady, who has recently joined his class. But Lady has a boyfriend, Dejan, who is very hostile towards Jan. Only Jure can help him. What price will Jan pay for this? And what will happen to Mojca, who is still devastated by the divorce, when she learns that her son is turning into someone she does not recognise?

Nejc Gazvoda
Slovenian Film Centre
Nejc Gazvoda

Nejc Gazvoda (1985) is the director, screenwriter, and novelist who received the Prešeren Award (the highest university recognition) for his diploma work in film and television directing, Fragma: An Ounce of Luck (2008). His feature debut A Trip (2011) has received awards at numerous international film festivals and was nominated for the Slovenian Academy Award. As a screenwriter, he participated in Personal Baggage (2009, J. Lapajne) and Class Enemy (2013, R. Biček). After the internationally acclaimed film Dual (2013), The Father Figure is his third feature film.