by Sonja Prosenc

Odrešitev, fiction
Principal photography autumn 2022

Redemption is a dark comedy drama about a perfect family that is about to face their dysfunctional relationships and their distorted view of the world that surrounds them. After seeing an ad for a commercial trip to orbit the Earth, Aleksander, a man who already has everything, decides that his family ticks all the required boxes to be selected except one: it has to be a family of four. His solution? He invites his secret grown-up son from an old relationship to join his family. Julian enters the family as a total stranger completely different from them. This becomes even more apparent when another family, whose car burned down, knocks on their door in the middle of the night asking for help. Julian’s compassionate and humane reaction holds a mirror up to Aleksander, his wife Olivia and their daughter Agata, who live under a bell jar, completely detached from reality around them. Unfortunately, Julian doesn’t know about his father’s space agenda. Things obviously don’t go according to Aleksander’s time-critical plan to create an image of a perfect family. With Julian’s presence the seemingly perfect family image turns upside down, mechanical and empty relationships of the dysfunctional family are exposed and they inevitably begin to change. Worse, the TV crew is scheduled to arrive to film them as one of the chosen contestants. The film combines drama and elements of satire, and focuses on current social issues: the emptiness of modern elites and the unfulfilment of family relationships, all shown with humour and self- irony because Redemption is not a story about them — it is a story about us.

Sonja Prosenc
Rok Sečen, Sonja Prosenc
Zavod Mono o
Incitus Films, Living Pictures
Slovenian Film Centre, Film Center Serbia, Filmkraft Rogaland, Zefyr Media Fund


Rok Sečen
Sonja Prosenc

Sonja Prosenc

Sonja Prosenc is a writer and director. After her feature films The Tree (2014) and History of Love (2018), which won an award in the Main Competition at Karlovy Vary IFF 2018, the dark comical drama Redemption will be her third feature. Her first two feature films received numerous awards at festivals around the globe and were official Oscar entries for Slovenia in 2016 and 2020. Sonja was selected by Cineuropa as one of eight most promising European female film directors and was presented in the Eurimages’ Gold Album of 50 female directors of the last 20 years in 2020. Her distinctive and poetic approach to film language has been appreciated by cinephiles and film critics alike, but she also likes to venture into genre film; in 2019, her short comedy called Paradise received a national Best Short Film Award.

The Monoo production house is characterized by distinctive voices in film. Their films aim to tell personal and intimate stories against a backdrop of relevant social issues. They can be poetic and visually stunning, cleverly comical or lyrical but always original. Monoo aims to set up their films as international co-productions, to team up with excellent film authors from countries across the continent to produce or co-produce films as envisioned by respective directors. Their two features from the last two years—Son by Ines Tanović and History of Love by Sonja Prosenc—were both supported by Media and Eurimages, they received awards at home and abroad, and were selected to represent their countries as Oscar candidates. At the moment Monoo’s upcoming line-up includes a film for young audience Colony written by Sonja Prosenc, a dramedy 17 Moments of Summer written by Despina Ladi, and a dark comedy drama in pre-production Redemption.