Not a Word

by Hanna Slak

Niti besede, fiction, coproduction
In production

Star orchestra conductor Nina works on Mahler's Symphony No. 5. Rehearsals are interrupted: her son Lars has had an accident. Putting the concert on the line, Nina decides to spend five days alone with Lars. They go to their summer residence on a remote island. In winter, the island is abandoned. They are stranded with one another and their inability to communicate. Silent observation and misunderstandings make way for suspicion. Was Lars involved in a deadly incident at school? A storm hits the island. Tension culminates in a fierce confrontation. Safe from the storm, Nina and Lars see the trust between them shattered. Nina risks her professional reputation and prolongs their stay. They set out to repair a broken boat. United by the effort, they start to listen to each other. By listening to Lars, Nina finds an intimate bond between her and Mahler´s music. The film explores the

Hanna Slak
Hanna Slak
Michele Balague
Miha Černec
director of photography
Claire Mathon
film editor
Bettina Böhler
production designer
Klaus-Dieter Gruber
Maren Eggert, Maryam Zaree, Mehdi Nebbou
Volte films
Tramal Films
Slovenian Film Centre
Hanna Slak

Hanna Slak is a Berlin-based Slovenian-German film director, multimedia artist and author. Her filmography includes fiction features, documentaries and experimental short films, which have been shown at numerous renowned international film festivals and broadcast on television. Her last fiction feature The Miner (2017) was an international success and was also the official Slovenian entry for the Academy Awards. Not a Word is going to be her fourth fiction feature.