Cannabis Sets You Free

by Miha Čelar

Konoplja osvobaja, 2022, documentary, digital DCP, 1,77:1 (16:9), c, 81 min

Cannabis Sets You Free is a documentary essay that tells the story of the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis use. The team is researching the situation and legal regulations in Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Italy, Switzerland, Cyprus, Spain and the USA. The main protagonist of the story is Slovenian Janko Pirc, who was accused of illegal cannabis production and processing in Slovenia, where legislation is still not regulated, and then won his case at the Supreme Court, where he was acquitted of all charges. Thereafter Janko opened a store with cannabis products, which helps many patients in Slovenia and beyond. In the film, we meet people in each country who are pioneers of local production and processing. Many of them became civil society activists in the course of their efforts, and some had to go to prison because of cannabis. The cannabis industry is becoming one of the most profitable in the world today so Big Pharma, centres of power and capital are rapidly entering it. There is a possibility that future legislation will be tailor-made, catering to their interests alone, leaving individuals and civil society without the legal possibility of cultivation. Cannabis, in a way, is also becoming one of the symbols of civil society rights and the little man in the fight against the state and the corporations. The narrator in the film is the former Yugoslav rock star, human rights activist and conservationist Antonije Pušić, a.k.a. Rambo Amadeus.

Miha Čelar
Miha Čelar
Miha Čelar
Tamara Babun, Vladimir Stojčevski, Goran Stojilković
executive producers
Sašo Kolarič, Iztok Šuc Hribar
lead animator
Gregor Kocjančič
Črt Kovač, Grega Praček
directors of photography
Miha Tozon, Rožle Bregar, Lev Predan Kowarski, Tomislav Krnić
music composer
Rambo Amadeus
film editor
Jure Klavora
production designer
Miha Čelar
sound designer
Gašper Loborec
Rambo Amadeus, Lara Tanšek, Vukašin Krstić, Janko Pirc
Astral film
RTV Slovenija, Wolfgang i Dolly, AWARD Film & Video, Quasar Multimedia
Slovenian Film Centre


Miha Čelar

Miha Čelar

The director, writer and producer Miha Čelar (1970) focuses on creative, cross-media documentary films with social topics. He is the founder of Astral Film, a pocket Slovenian production house working on the development, (co-)production and distribution of cinematographic and television projects. Čelar’s filmography since 2010 includes six documentaries: Sons of Bora (2021), Kameleoni – The Beatles of Former Yugoslavia (2019), iIsland (2018), Codelli (2017), Irene, Goodnight (2017), Tatjana in Motherland (2015), Re-Inventing the Wheel (2015), and A Beautiful Mind (2014).