by Darko Sinko

Inventura, 2021, fiction, digital DCP, 2,39:1/2,35:1, c, 106 min

Boris Robič is – as it is customary to say – an ordinary man. One day after supper, however, somebody fires a shot at him through the window while he is reading in his room. The police arrive and an investigation begins. It turns out that Boris does not have enemies or any disputes with anyone. There are no suspects – Boris appears to be a person completely unlikely to be assassinated. It seems that the event must have been a coincidence of some sort, so the police stop investigating after a while. Boris cannot come to terms with this so he starts investigating on his own. While he looks for potential perpetrators, Boris discovers that he is hated by more people than he could ever have imagined, and that his own perceptions of his own life are merely illusions. The film Inventory is a drama with elements of a thriller and black comedy, set in contemporary middle-class surroundings in Slovenia.

Darko Sinko
Darko Sinko
Vlado Bulajić, Lija Pogačnik
director of photography
Marko Brdar
film editor
Matic Drakulić
production designer
Adriana Furlan
costume designer
Katja Hrobat
key make-up artist
Lija Ivančič
sound designer
Julij Zornik
Radoš Bolčina, Mirel Knez, Dejan Spasić, Igor Godina, Alen Kermac
RTV Slovenija
in collaboration with
Film Studio Viba Film
Slovenian Film Centre, Creative Europe - MEDIA, Re-Act
Hewes Pictures (international)


Vlado Bulajič

International Sales: Hewes Pictures 

Darko Sinko

Darko Sinko (1979) graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences and the AGRFT, both in Ljubljana. He has co-directed and produced several documentaries. His short film Schoolmates (2014) received the Best Screenplay Award at the 2015 FSF. Sinko’s filmography includes three documentaries: Little Houses (2014, with M. Ivanišin); Revolt (2013); This Is Where I Live (2011). Inventory is his first fiction feature.

San Sebastián Film Festival, New Directors, 2021

Štigličev Pogled Award best directing (Directors Guild of Slovenia, 2022) , Arthouse Cinema Network Special Mention best feature film (AKMS - Art kino mreža Slovenije, 2021) , Award best first feature (Iridium Film, 2021) , 4 Vesna Award awards (Festival of Slovenian Film, 2021)