Melting Dreams

by Haidy Kancler

Smučarske sanje, 2022, documentary, digital DCP, 1,77:1 (16:9), c, 83 min

Three Afghani girls get an opportunity to travel Europe to follow their dreams of becoming professional skiers. When the idealization of the Western world begins to vanish, so do their dreams of skiing. One by one, each takes a shot at finding a better life and faces high-stakes consequences.

Haidy Kancler, Iza Strehar, Boštjan Virc
Haidy Kancler
Boštjan Virc, Ari Matikainen, Sabine Gruber, Peter Drossler
director of photography
Heini Mäntylä
music composer
Victor Gangl
film editors
Matthias Gugler, Haidy Kancler
sound designers
Julij Zornik, Samo Jurca
Studio Virc
Flair Film, Kinocompany, RTV Slovenija
Slovenian Film Centre, Creative Europe - MEDIA, Austrian Film Institute, FISA Austria, Cine Tirol Film Commission, Finnish Film Foundation, YLE Finland, Al Jazeera
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Haidy Kancler

The freelance film director Haidy Kancler (aka Maja Senekovič, 1982) graduated from the University of Media and Communication Arts in Maribor. After her first documentary High on life! (2009), she has predominantly worked in the documentary genre, embarking on a most eclectic journey through different countries, cultures, languages and professions, combining fiction, music videos, sports… Kancler’s filmography includes the following documentaries – Cheese With 7 Rinds (2017, short), The Deepest Man in a Swimsuit (2016), Rudolf the 4th of Habsburg – Short Tale (2015, short), Tidldibab (2015, short), Silent Victory (2015).