Hidden People

by Miha Hočevar

Skriti ljudje, fiction
In preproduction

Guti (35, Slovenian) and Sig (50, Icelandic) wake up naked and handcuffed together on a riverbank near Ljubljana. Sig is suffering from memory loss, while Guti remembers he tried to help the drunken Sig in a fight with skinheads. Sig has no passport or any clue about his identity – the skinheads have taken everything. Guti (whose “house has been repossessed by the bank while his life has been taken by his ex-wife”) is trying to build a new home on a river raft. He introduces Sig to his friends – suburban misfits who remind Sig of the “hidden people” legend. The film is a sort of a fairy-tale dramedy about new beginnings in life. It is also a self-ironic story about small countries and nations (Slovenia and Iceland) in the “big” Europe; about the unexpected connections that can help us find our place under the sun and go on with our lives. Finally, it is also about a vast number of invisible people who feel like “internal refugees” in the European societies in which they are living.

Miha Hočevar

Miha Hočevar (1963) has created and directed hundreds of commercials – including certain TV commercials that have been extremely successful and popular. He also writes scripts. So far, he has directed five features and several shorts. Three of his features – the youth comedies Going Our Way 2 (2013), Going Our Way (2010), and Fuck It (2000) – were major box-office successes in Slovenia (two of these are the second and sixth biggest Slovenian box-office hits of all time).

Vertigo is an independent Ljubljana-based production company with an outstanding track record and extensive work experience in international co-productions and small-budget films. It was established in 1994 by the film producer Danijel Hočevar and film directors Damjan Kozole and Metod Pevec. Vertigo has produced or co-produced more than forty features, most of them internationally acclaimed and distributed, including Father (2020, S. Golubović, Berlinale Panorama: the Audience Award and Ecumenical Prize, European Film Awards: the Best Actor Nomination for Goran Bogdan); God Exists, Her Name is Petrunya (2019, T. Mitevska, Berlinale Competition: the Ecumenical Award and Guild Prize); Half-Sister (2019, Karlovy Vary IFF Main Competition), Nightlife (2016, Karlovy Vary IFF’s Best Director Award), Slovenian Girl (2009, Toronto IFF), and Spare Parts (2003, Berlinale Competition), all directed by D. Kozole; An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker (2013, D. Tanović, two Berlinale Silver Bears); Alexandrians (2011, M. Pevec, the Best Documentary at the Trieste Film Festival); and Bread and Milk (2001, J. Cvitkovič, Venice FF’s Lion of the Future Award).
Miha Hočevar
RTV Slovenija, Backroom Production
in collaboration with
Film Studio Viba Film
Slovenian Film Centre, Film Center Serbia, Re-Act, Creative Europe - MEDIA


Danijel Hočevar